The Professor

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4947_96468092932_605482932_1975747_7861389_nWhen he was working at Infocom, Brian Moriarty‘s nickname was “Professor”, as in “Professor Moriarty“, the nemesis of Sherlock Holmes.

As the creator of such games as Trinity, Wishbringer at Infocom and later works such as Loom and The Dig, he was hardly nefarious and evil, merely brilliant.  But I have a number of documents referring to him as Professor, and that nickname still sticks around in some quarters.

But this year, he has finally earned that moniker, as Brian Moriarty is now a Professor of Practice in the Interactive Media and Game Development Program at Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

Additionally, Loom and The Dig have been announced as being available on the game distribution service Steam.

Brian has been very generous with interviews, both for myself and many other historical projects. It’s great to hear of his new career in academia and that a new generation of folks will have the opportunity to play some of his games.