Great Map of Adventure

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A warning – any maps you look at for a game you haven’t played will undoubtedly spoil the game for you. If you haven’t played Adventure yet, what are you doing here? You should check it out; play it for free either here (flash version) or here (java version) or even here (java version).

Maps are, of course, inherently spoilers by their very nature – they tell you where everything is, how much left you need to explore, and sometimes how to solve the puzzles to get there.

They’re usually scrawled out while the game is being played, or drawn by the software company/author behind the game itself to provide as a solution or hints. ¬†They’re rarely nice works of art by themselves.

I thought this map, done by Mari Michaelis, was particularly well done:


I also find it surreal that I’ve actually been inside some of these locations.

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