PAX East Selling Quickly: Cheaper Tickets End Soon

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With the caveat that I really have no inside knowledge of the ticketing procedure or numbers, I note that on the Penny Arcade site there’s this entry where it is stated that PAX East is looking to be huge and may have to cap numbers. As far as I know from conversations, this would put attendance in the 30,000 mark or greater. If you were considering whether to go because of my film, or if my film was a factor in your decision, I figured you should be aware of this. I know it’s crazy to buy tickets to an event 3 months out, but there’s a bonus in this case: they have an “early bird” special where you can buy a two or three day pass at reduced rates. That promotion ends on December 31st, just like mine does.

I intend to have the DVD going out just before PAX, so you will still get the film if you buy it – you do not have to go to PAX. But I also didn’t want to mention this event and talk about preparations for it, and not warn people it might sell out. PAX events are truly crazy, and they are very popular.

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