The Upgrade Guarantee

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2010, a new year, and the year of release of GE T LAMP! Better late than never, better great than rushed.

Now that the promotional pre-order is done, it’s time to set up the “regular” sales and begin filling the order page with details. That’s happening shortly.

But I wanted to talk about something beforehand.

As a consumer of documentaries and DVDs and all sorts of media, I have certain things I encounter that drive me nuts. When I was working on the BBS Documentary, I made sure my production and DVD didn’t have these annoyances. One of them was lack of subtitles. It actually turns out to be pretty easy to do and a lot of people both without hearing and with families/environments where they have to keep the sound down have thanked me. Another biggie was menus or sequences you can’t skip. This where you plug in a DVD and you end up with a logo for a company you end up seeing it six billion times because you have to watch it to the end – the DVD won’t let you skip. (Using something like the VLC player will allow you to, but a lot of people are using “regular” DVD players.) I made sure my DVDs have no unskippable sequences, extras, or menus. The same goes for no copy protection on the disks, no region encoding, and so on.

All that holds true for the GET LAMP DVD as well.

This time around, I’m adding something else.

What drives me absolutely nuts is buying the same film multiple times.

What I’m talking about is you buy a DVD of something, and you enjoy it. Then they come out with a special edition of the same thing and you buy it again. Then there’s a downloadable version, and you buy that. And so on. And so on. It makes some people very rich, but it’s just a completely disrespectful thing to do to the people who brought you success in the first place. It sucks.

So here’s what I am doing.


Let me explain what I mean here. If you buy the DVD (or if you’ve already bought the DVD), keep your transaction information. In the future, if I release a high-definition version of this movie (it was shot in hi-def) either online or on physical media, or if I make available purchasable editions of the film in any way that are upgrades from the DVD, then you can contact me with your transaction information from buying the DVD on this site, and I will make sure you get a heavily discounted or at-cost version to you.

You will not be buying GET LAMP over and over again. I think that’s wrong and I think that’s a punishment to people who bought early and supported me when I really needed it.

There’s all sorts of logistical issues with this, and I am probably buying a bunch of headaches I don’t want, but there’s taking the easy way out and doing what’s right.

I am sure I will need to fill this out with details, but I wanted you to have the facts. I don’t know anyone else who has done this or is doing this.

They should.

Happy New Year!

4 Comments on “The Upgrade Guarantee”

  1. 1 Jim Leonard said at 4:50 pm on January 1st, 2010:

    Well, clearly this rocks. It rewards customers, while leaving you with an exit strategy for the best way to distribute HD content online, whenever/whatever that may be. (thumbs up)

  2. 2 Drew Wallner said at 8:02 pm on January 1st, 2010:

    “Better late than never, better great than rushed.”

    Words to live by, and an excellent reason NEVER to work within the classic Hollywood system (or anything resembling it).

    Happy new year!

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