Pre-Orders Open

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The regular pre-orders for GET LAMP are now open.

As indicated, they’re at the regular price and now have more detail of what you’re getting. So far, the specs are:

  • 2-DVD Set in high-quality packaging
  • From Jason Scott, creator of the BBS Documentary
  • All features fully captioned
  • No region encoding or copy protection
  • Includes the GET LAMP documentary, as well as additional featurettes on Infocom, Mammoth Cave, and other subjects
  • Edited from dozens of interviews with creators, players and academics related to interactive fiction and text adventures
  • The GET LAMP film is Spoiler Free – watch with no worries (Bonus features with spoilers will be clearly marked)
  • DVD-ROM section with photographs, recordings, images and games
  • Production is licensed Creative Commons-Attribution-Sharealike-NonCommercial
  • Introductory essay by Scorpia
  • The GET LAMP UPGRADE GUARANTEE is director Jason Scott’s guarantee that should new editions of GET LAMP become available, purchasers of GET LAMP through this website will be offered the product at cost or very close to cost.

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