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For the disc artwork, I wanted something relatively simple. ┬áSo I purchased reprint rights from Lukas Ketner for the sketches of his artwork. (I don’t believe that purchasing the rights to the final artwork automatically means process artwork, and anyway Lukas’ price for reprint rights was very generous.)

Here are the two images, as they appear on the template:



Simple, evocative and easy to put together. I love it.

This represents the last bit of my side for the packaging. Now there will be an iteration or two while working with the duper for making sure everything looks good.

2 Comments on “Disc Artwork”

  1. 1 Dave Ross said at 5:19 am on February 17th, 2010:

    This is exciting. The project is really coming together!

  2. 2 Daniel Pharos said at 5:03 am on February 24th, 2010:


    I so understand your love for the tangible side of things. I enjoy the packaging aspects of my releases very much, last I did a 10 fold digipack, and some Vinyls every now and then. I recently realised how lost I am as I ordered a CD I had for $25 although I have it completely as legal download (MP3). I just wanted to “own” it anyway, as download is not as much for me. :)

    So, I am looking forward to hold my copy of Get Lamp :D And thanks for the feely too, I really appreciate something like this!

    – Daniel

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