Coins and Numbering and How That Goes

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A couple of weeks ago, I sent the check to the coin company and they cashed it and we’re off to the races on that front – the mint is running and I’ll be getting the first few thousand coins in the mail (well, you know, via some mailing-like thing) and storing them until the other critical pieces are ready to be mailed out.

The coins have numbering, from 0001 and heading upwards, and I’m already getting specific “requests” for individual numbers. I just don’t think this is the way things are going to go down – some people have waited years for these coins and someone jumping in line as regards the numbers wouldn’t be a very nice way to thank these believers.

Here is, roughly, how coins are going out.

The first 10 are being reserved, either for charity auctions or to go to specific people, like Don Woods, who were so critical to production there wouldn’t be one without them.

The next 150 are going to the Adventurers’ Club who invested in the movie so long ago, and are now going to see dividends on it. The coins will be done 11-61 to each person, then 62-111 to each person, and so on, so each member gets a sub-0100 coin.

The next set of 80 or so go to people who were interviewed, who all get a free copy of the movie.

The next come in the order in which people bought the documentary. Straight through. Order #5 is before Order #6, and so on. And so on.

While I realize people would like to be able to offer more cash and get lower numbers, again, I just don’t think that’s fair. People who ordered the movie and who helped with production should not be shoved to the back of the line by people waving money.

So there’s the setup. Thanks to everyone being so interested in the coin.

Alternates to Paypal on Ship Day

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One of the frequent questions I get from people is a form of “I’d like to pay using something other than Paypal. Can you provide a different way?”

The answer is, basically “Yes, but not yet.”

Most payment systems flip out if you do something like the pre-ordering setup I’m doing. And rightly so – there’s a lot of potential for fraud there, where the person has paid and shipments don’t happen for months. Even Paypal shut me down for 3 days when orders came in, with the words “pre-order” tripping their fraud systems and my having to argue with people by phone.

A lot of people don’t like Paypal, and I totally understand that sentiment – when things are small and basic, they’re smooth, but if anything happens out of their mystical internal boundaries, or which triggers off a random phrase, then you suddenly find out how inconsistent, weird and not a bank they are.

So once the GET LAMP documentary ships, a pile of new sale options will show up on the site. If you’re not able or unwilling to use Paypal, that will be your day.

And thanks for being patient.

Audio-Only Version of GET LAMP Pax East Panel

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For those who are quite content not to watch video of the PAX East Panel, or who can’t, here’s an mp3 of the entire panel (64mb, stereo):

GET LAMP Panel at PAX East (2010)

Thanks again to everyone who agreed to be on it!

PAX East Panel Video (Rough Cut)

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While you’re waiting DVD release, and before I take it and smooth it over with a couple second camera sources I have been given, I wanted to share the PAX East Panel that occurred after the screening. I know a lot of people wanted to see this, and the room got so packed a few people who wanted to see the panel got turned away, so there’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to properly see it. So here’s a “rough cut” of the panel, split into two pieces because of a size limit on Vimeo.

Panelists, left to right: Dave Lebling, Don Woods, Brian Moriarty, Andrew Plotkin, Nick Montfort, Steve Meretzky, Jason Scott. It’s about 1 hour and 8 minutes.

GET LAMP Pax Panel: Part 1 (Rough Cut) from Jason Scott on Vimeo.

and part 2:

GET LAMP Pax Panel: Part 2 (Rough Cut) from Jason Scott on Vimeo.

Proof Coin Arrives

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And out of nowhere, the proof coin arrived!

This is the test stamping of the coin that was created for final sign-off by me. The coins will be manufactured by the Monterey Company.

GET LAMP: The Coin GET LAMP: The Coin GET LAMP: The Coin GET LAMP: The Coin

The final coins will have unique numbers instead of the XXXX you currently see on the compass rose.

The coin is made using antique gold (lamp, compass rose) and shiny silver (everything else) plating. The tiny text behind the lamp is text taken from the original version of Adventure. it is 1.5″ diameter. Thickness is 3mm. I believe the gold is 22kt, but I’ll have to double check with the factory about that.

And, again, one of these is included with each copy of GET LAMP sold through the site.

I do believe I’m going to tell them to get started!

Delays, Delays

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The most common question I got (of course) during the PAX East showing of the 1-hour preview/cut of GET LAMP was “So, when’s the DVD coming out?” with a slight variation of “When is it finished?”

Unfortunately, I simply can’t predict a date. All I can do is the following things:

  • Be transparent about what I’m up to
  • Give frequent status updates
  • Provide information related to the production and where it’s at
  • Give you things to see and read before the DVDs arrive

A lot of what’s left comes down to smoothing up the three additional featurettes (BEDQUILT, INFOCOM, GAMEBOOKS), and the three branches of the GET LAMP DVD mix. The extras are basically done, the menus generally put together, and the subtitles, while not completely ready, are in very good shape. It’s just a lot of work, really, but the end is very close.

As before, if you’re uncomfortable waiting, and you bought a copy, please contact me for a refund. I do not want discomfort. But all I can do is promise that what you’ll have at the end is the best I can do for you, and what the subject deserves.

I will be scheduling some showings of the PAX Mix (with a few changes the showing showed I should make) in the coming weeks/months, and I’ll let you know about them.