Audio-Only Version of GET LAMP Pax East Panel

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For those who are quite content not to watch video of the PAX East Panel, or who can’t, here’s an mp3 of the entire panel (64mb, stereo):

GET LAMP Panel at PAX East (2010)

Thanks again to everyone who agreed to be on it!

2 Comments on “Audio-Only Version of GET LAMP Pax East Panel”

  1. 1 Alex said at 5:34 pm on April 5th, 2010:

    Thanks for this. I’ve watched the video (great stuff) but have a feeling I’ll want to listen again while I’m on the move. It’s good the way you consider everybody’s needs/wants.

  2. 2 Austin Seraphin said at 10:33 pm on April 22nd, 2010:

    Wow! I just downloaded this because it sounded cool, and I just played the first few minutes where you mentioned me. I had to take a little smoke break to calm down after that.

    Trinity always amazed me because of its intricacy and story of course, but reversing east and west after traversing the Klein bottle amazes me both as a player and as a programmer. How the hell did they do it? I don’t think they used a simple text replace – you wouldn’t want the game to refer to a bwest or a fwest. However they did it, it left a very strong impression on me, and sparked an interest in such things.

    I still have the model you sent me on my coffee table, and it makes a great conversation peace. Recently, a friend saw it so I explained about Klein bottles. “Wow, I didn’t realize you were such an egghead. Did you, like, go to college or something?” “I did, but never got a degree.” Hah!

    I found the statement that the blind may have the key to reviving the genre very profound. That might make a good subject for an essay or something. I’ll give it some thought. I’ll also listen to the rest of the lecture. Oh also, cool about producing a blind-friendly version of the documentary. You may as well just make it available as a file as you said. The blind probably couldn’t access it through standard dvd navigation anyways. Oh I can’t wait.

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