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I finally approved the slipcover for GET LAMP. It took a while.

Actually, there’s some very minor changes in this JPEG from the final work, and this version has some of the registration marks on it, but this is basically what it looks like.

So, it turns out the CMYK values for “black” as any normal person would perceive it is not 0,0,0,0.  It’s best to ask the printer/ duplicator what “black” actually is.  I also ran into super-crazy thing involving photo contrasts and brightness, where it all looked fine except for the paper. It costs $95 a shot, but it’s vital to do a proof, especially if, like me, you’re going to have 4000 of something made – check it out completely. Get it right. You shouldn’t wince when you glance at your own packaging.

There’s 4,000 of the inside DVD case, and now there’ll be 4,000 of the slipcover shortly. Hot stuff. The setup is not dissimilar from how I did the packaging for the previous production, BBS. I like the feel of it all, so it’s more of the same. They’ll stand nicely next to each other, on a bookshelf or under a bed.

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  1. 1 tcv said at 5:44 pm on May 12th, 2010:

    I worked in printing for about a decade and you’re right about the black. 100% Black (0r 100 K) is a lot less rich than what most people notice as black. I’ve seen printers do either 100 K and 20 C or 100 K and 5CMY.

    What kind of proof did you get?

    If the printer will let you attend while they’re ramping up the press, it’s a good idea to do it to make sure there’s isn’t any need for tweaking. Typically, a mid-to-high volume press will _not_ stop the presses to wait for you to come in for a check (unless you pay a lot of money, of course), but they might be able to tell you when they’re doing their make readies and you can ask your rep to let you check it all out then.

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