Indulgence at End

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As I’m wrapping things up, there’s one major piece left: the Infocom episode.

For some people, they’d probably expect an Infocom episode to be what GET LAMP would have been in total: a documentary about this fascinating and famous company.  Certainly I took no small amount of amusement when Infocom alumni would reference me to each other, saying I was doing “an Infocom documentary”.  After all, what else would it be about?

I have an additional featurette about the cave that Adventure is based on and the community that exists in Caving, so of course it would be logical to also have a lot of focus on Infocom itself, stuff that would bloat a documentary about all aspects of Interactive Fiction but would be perfect for someone who just wants to soak in the history of Infocom.

Obviously, I need to get back to editing, but I wanted to take a moment to mention how much fun this part is. The rest was some parts fun and some parts exhausting, but this is just pure fun. The subject is fun, the resource materials, thanks to a wide set of Infocom people, are great. I’ve got over 100 photographs, video snippets, scans, and of course interviews from all things Infocom.  I do not want for stories, for things to add, for stuff to cover. It’s snapping together quickly, and I also wanted to mention a funny thing.

I had 10 minutes from the beginning in some range of beta. I always like to render out stuff, so you don’t have the distracting timeline to change/deform the passage of time in a clip. I rendered it out, then watched it the next morning.

It was too fast. It went through too much stuff, too quickly. This hasn’t happened once before – I’ve always had sequences where I go back and try to optimize. I was shoving too much in too little time – I need to expand it out!

It’s all going great. I’ll keep updating, but they’ll be short before this goes out the door. I’m really trying for this in the next two weeks or less.

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  1. 1 Carolyn said at 3:04 am on June 20th, 2010:

    Expand it out to fill the Gamebooks slot, perhaps? Serendipity…
    Looking forward to the final. Have fun!

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