Test Screening for Infocom Episode (Update: All Set)

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UPDATE: We’re all set for attendees for this screening! Don’t worry, the real and full deal is coming out very soon now.

To make a documentary without going through a test audience is absolute madness. ¬†Even if you think you know how something will “play”, you spend a lot of time looking at a timeline, a lot of time making a hundred internal assumptions with yourself. The resulting film will have things about it that hit audiences in ways you’d not have expected, and then it’s on plastic and you’re stuck.

The Infocom episode is the last piece. Everything else is done. I’m rendering out DVD versions of all the bonus features, one last time, as well as the episode pieces and all the rest. I’m snapping sequences together as fast as I can, and it’s coming along nicely. I am being a little extravagant with running time, giving a lot of the subject a lot of space to breathe. This thing is a big love letter and I can’t really claim otherwise. Bad things happened and people made mistakes, but there’s no implication of evil or malevolence. That’s how it goes.

With the caveats that it might not happen, that it might happen with little notice and with rapidly switched locations, I am putting out a call for people who want to view a test screening of the Infocom episode next week. You will see something that’s probably a little broken, with a few gaps here and there, and missing music occasionally. Ideally, it will have none of that, but that’s ideally.

It will be somewhere highly informal, it might be off a laptop. It would be in the NYC area at 7pm.

If you’re interested, e-mail infoscreening@getlamp.com as soon as possible with an e-mail address. Like I said, it might not happen, and it might catch people by surprise, but I like having a sanity check before presenting the work.

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