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With the DVDs being created by the thousands over at the duplication plant, and the prospect of the final thousands of DVD Boxes arriving at my home, the project moves to a three-pronged situation: logistics, mailing, and outreach.  Outreach isn’t very interesting, just me mailing a bunch of press and writing folks about the fact that GET LAMP is about to come out, so we’ll skip over going into that in detail.

For the logistics, the big issue is that I won’t be in town when the DVD boxes arrive – I’ll be in San Diego for Comic-Con and then in Las Vegas for DEFCON and Classic Gaming Expo, where I am going to show GET LAMP as well as sell copies.  So I’ve brought in Team Orcutt to save me. Team Orcutt is a husband and wife team who will be taking incoming boxes and packaging them up and sending them out in the mails.  We’re old, old friends and I trust them to do it efficiently and masterfully, otherwise I’d be making everyone wait until I got back.

To assist Team Orcutt in doing as little unnecessary work as possible, I am creating the shipping boxes, with labels and coins, over the next couple of days.  With over 900 boxes to go, my day is busy, if a little reminiscent of my days as a temp, when I’d be told “go here and separate everything yellow out of this pile” or “add this column of numbers until we tell you to stop”.

There’s obviously a lot of chance for things to go weird with so many packages going out at such a fast rate. I’ll keep people appraised of when the full package sets go out and what’s left to go out, so if you find you didn’t get your package or it came differently configured than you expected, we can talk about it. I will make myself available, as usual, to work out any issues.

I send out packages via USPS, first-class or air mail depending on domestic or international orders.  Sometimes the shipping costs eat into the product costs in specific situations (a couple countries here and there) but on the whole, it works out well for everyone. Having two flat rates removes a lot of headaches.

The mailing will be used by printed postage, so don’t think we bought thousands of stamps.

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