GET LAMP Printed and Heading to my House

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I got the word from the printers/duplicators (they’re Bullseye Disc in Portland) that the boxes of DVDs have been shipped out and will be at my home across the next few days. The plan is to package everything and start shipping out late Monday (August 2nd) and as long as it takes. People have been sending me change of addresses by the dozens from when they ordered, and this means I kind of have to be there for the shipping, I can’t just have the Orcutt do the work themselves. But they’ll be there with me while I do the packaging, meaning it’s going to be lightning fast and we’re then going to drive the things to the post office and out to the world.

Tomorrow afternoon I will finally come in contact with the finished GET LAMP product (I had copies mailed to Las Vegas) and when I personally verify that the packaging, discs, and all the rest are up to my standards, I will change “pre-order” to “order” and begin expanding the payment options to Not Just Paypal, because I know that a lot of people hate Paypal, and frankly, I totally understand. Currently, my plans are to accept Kagi payments (a site which allows you to use Eurocard, Checks, Money Orders, even Cash!) and the Amazon Payments system, which allowed me to take pre-orders even during Yet Another Case of Paypal Flipping Out. If people have others they think I should look into, let me know.

Last time, there was an option to order directly through Amazon. That won’t be the case this time, for two reasons. First of all, the coin messes things up pretty well for that, because the package isn’t a one-piece. And second of all, for all the convenience Amazon brings, they charge 55% of the cover price. People still gasp when I mention that, but it’s quite true, and I just can’t afford those kinds of bites this time around. I have places/people who want to order bulk copies of the movie, and I’m open to that discussion, but having a place that constantly drains my reserves and drops the margins so low is just not what I can do with this film.

So yes, there are now 4000+ copies of GET LAMP extant in this world. Here’s hoping they all find some happy homes soon.

(In case you’re studying that screengrab, the reason there’s only 28 boxes shipping is because the shipment was split between air and ground shipping, to minimize transport costs.)

2 Comments on “GET LAMP Printed and Heading to my House”

  1. 1 Mike said at 9:32 pm on July 26th, 2010:

    Good God, Amazon take 55 ****ing %?!
    No wonder you’re avoiding them. I know they’re huge and I like dealing with them as a customer, but that’s an insane cut!

  2. 2 Johan Herrenberg said at 7:55 am on July 27th, 2010:

    4000+ copies = 4000+ enthusiasts who now can show AND tell people (about) IF!

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