Tony Longworth

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Tony Longworth provides the first music you hear in the main GET LAMP episode; his full and rich chords were just the opening I was looking for.

His music is dark and intense, and is a different feeling from Zoe Blade’s airy ambiance. It was a really nice counterpoint to what she was providing.

After I contacted Tony, he let me have the full run of his solo works and works of his band, Flesh Resonance.  From this, I found a number of pieces that play critical roles in various episodes. In both the one-hour PAX mix and the various interactive branches, you hear his music in the opening and closing. And for a sequence which I made about the whole commercial era becoming what seemed to be an unstoppable juggernaut, I mixed a couple of his works together, and made this markedly unforgettable collage. He’s been enormously supportive of the whole project for a very long time.

Now, Tony has been inspired by Zoe’s releasing of her music under CC and released an EP of music under the same terms.

Entitled, “The Mind Electric: A Selection of Music from GET LAMP”, Tony’s compiled the half-dozen tracks I used and creative commons licensed them.  Check it out, and also check out the rest of his work – I only used a tiny sliver of many great albums of dark, foreboding music and intense soundscapes from his collection.

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