Some Quick Updates

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In front of the cameras for once

Here’s some scattershot updates related to GET LAMP.

The photo, by the way, is me being interviewed for another technical documentary, Viva Amiga, that will be covering the history of Commodore’s amazing computer. ¬†Obviously I know more about the Amiga than I do about the proper color socks to wear.

If you ordered a copy of GET LAMP before August 30th, you should really have it or are about to have it. Out of the many hundreds of orders, I’d say only 14 are in some sort of quantum state (the address didn’t check out, changes were made during the time period that I have to reconcile, etc.). If you do not have it or did not get it, bring it to my attention at I don’t mind being e-mailed about ensuring everyone who bought a copy gets a copy.

Adventurers’ Club copies are more than halfway done, as are free interviewee copies. I am trying to have all of them done before the JET LAMP tour really starts taking off. ¬†A bunch of dates are about to be added; I really think I need to learn how to sleep on planes.

Orders are continually coming in. Thanks, everyone!

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  1. 1 Danny said at 10:57 am on September 7th, 2010:

    A documentary about the Amiga? About time!

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