JET LAMP: Detroit and Washington DC showings, Skype Q&A, September 11

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The Portland show was absolutely fantastic. I will write a more informative and complete entry about it shortly. ┬áHere’s a salient photo, courtesy of Andrew Stern:

But now dates are compressing and coming up very fast, and final details are snapping into place very quickly, and one of the side effects is a few dates are happening very soon and I wanted you to be aware of them.

Tomorrow, September 11th, two hacker spaces in two different cities will be showing GET LAMP and then having me skype in with a Q&A afterwards.

One is in Detroit, Michigan, at a space called i3 Detroit. Here’s the page with information about it.

The other is Washington, DC, at a space called HacDC. Here’s the page with information about it.

For my own bit, I’ll be skyping in from Salt Lake City, where I have a showing on Sunday Night at 7:30, at Brewvies, a cinema pub.

As always, the good stuff is on the JET LAMP page.

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