Remote Q&A at the Bergen ELC Seminar, September 20th

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This is mostly for the great and grand record, but I am doing a Skyped-in Q&A for the Bergen Seminar on Electronic Literature Communities.

Nick Montfort, who made some great appearances in the film and who also has helped me for years behind the scenes, is doing a presentation about interactive fiction at the University of Bergen in Norway. The evening of the 20th, they’re showing GET LAMP and I will be skyped in for a quick Q&A, which I’ll likely be doing in the downtime between classes that I’m talking at in Pomona, CA. Jetsetting, that’s me.

I don’t think anyone is going to hie themselves off to Norway to see the movie, but there you go.

Here’s the awesome poster, which has me listed as one of the performers. That has to count for something!

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