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I’ve been cranking at fulfillment, getting out as many of the packages as I can as quickly as possible. I have a workflow now, although it’s a little weird in places. For domestics, it’s a dream:

Domestic Orders up to October 10

This catches the domestic (US) orders basically up to about 12 hours ago. All these got into the mail.

A lot of people who order the double-pack (GET LAMP and BBS) are finding this kind of odd thing with the mail: The GET LAMP gets there on a certain day, and BBS gets there a few days later. This appears to be because I use stamps.com to print a pre-postage label for GET LAMP while BBS gets a handwritten label. As a result, there’s a gap. A few dozen times, I’ve gotten a letter saying “What happened to BBS!” only to be followed by “Never mind”. I expect to keep getting them but now you know a possible explanation.

The rest of the orders (Canada and rest of world) are to September 26 as of this second, but they’re going to be going out over the next two days in huge piles, so that number is about to change very quickly.

I got a burst of orders due to a flattering review in Ars Technica. ┬áDozens of orders in a very short time, filling my e-mail inbox while I was at a wedding. (Don’t worry, I had it on silent.)

There have been a bunch of other reviews, which I really appreciate.

There’s probably more, I’m missing.

Every day brings a few more orders, from all over, thanks!

One small bummer: someone decided my car wasn’t parked in a good location (a parking spot). Or the alien base rotating mars sent them a laser-beam message. Regardless, they decided to key the car.

Achievement Unlocked: Key Jason Scott's CarAchievement Unlocked: Key Jason Scott's Car

If you see my car after what is likely to be a somewhat expensive paint process, I’ll appreciate showing your support in another fashion.

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