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So GET LAMP finally made it into the IMDB.

Getting into the IMDB has the same cachet for independent filmmakers that getting in the phone book has for new homeowners or getting into a trade organization has for craftspeople: it means, in its own way, that you have arrived. You’re doing this thing and you’re legit, you’re declaring that you are what you are and some registered group out there recognized you.

This already happened for me back with the BBS Documentary – once I got into the IMDB, it was just amazing to have my name and the names of people I’d interviewed in that collection. Since I also had (and still have) a mission of getting technical heroes recognized, being able to have Ward Christensen and Tom Jennings get up in the lights where they belong.

So, some caveats.

First of all, the IMDB redesigned its pages late this year and the redesign is absolutely horrible, about as worse as it could be. Data is hard to find, the look is cluttered and caked with ads. The funny part is, sometimes you will see this new redesign and sometimes you will not – I’ve not found rhyme and reason for it. I would love if they kept it to the old look, but just in case you visit it and go “wow, this looks awful”… well, it does. But IMDB still has the cachet, and here we are.

Next, having done a bunch of submitting to IMDB over the years, both for my films and for others, the process by which data is ingested is very odd, and very slow. I submitted the full set of data about this movie a few months ago, and it was rejected. Not because the data was bad, but because, according to the e-mail, they were just too busy to ingest it, and were kicking it back. Regardless, the e-mail said I needed to add more data, even though it made clear nobody had looked at the entry. So I re-submitted the data absolutely untouched… and then it got in.

But weirdly, it initially only had the name, the date it was made, my name, and Tony Longworth‘s name. ┬áThen, 48 hours later, more information from my submission showed up, including interviewee lists and someone else’s “plot” submission. I think someone saw it and added more names into the list, because now Bob Bates is in there twice, and Mike Berlyn is in there as both Mike and Michael Berlyn. Oh, and as of this writing, Steve Meretzky isn’t listed at all – but I sure as heck put him in the submission.

Maybe if I was paying for IMDB Pro, it would come faster, or maybe not. But regardless, that’s the weirdness.

Oh, and the image of the GET LAMP Cover? You actually pay for that – $55. Something to think about when you look at all those headshots.

So here I am! I’ve arrived (again) and I hope all the rest of the data will come in soon. Hooray!

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3 Comments on “GET LAMP in the IMDB”

  1. 1 Lorien said at 6:04 am on October 31st, 2010:

    Congratulations, and thanks for posting on this topic. I’ve been wondering about it. Knowing what you know of the process now, would you consider going Pro temporarily, around the time of submission?

    Happy Halloween!

  2. 2 Patrice Aubry said at 11:11 am on October 31st, 2010:

    I wasn’t even aware IMDB users could submit information. I think I tried once to understand how I could contribute, only to come to the conclusion you had to be an insider (like with Metacritic).

  3. 3 zee said at 12:13 am on November 1st, 2010:

    Check the box after “Show previous title and name page design (reference view):”

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