GET LAMP Doing Well, Still Available

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Been a while!

GET LAMP continues to sell, regularly, to people who are finding out that such a documentary was made. I like to think they’ve really enjoyed what they’ve gotten in the mail. Someone asked a while ago if there were “still coins”. Well, there are – as many as copies that have been made, so if you order you still get one of the coins.

Recently, someone was shipped a duplicate, and he gave the copy to a friend who then went off to review it. The resulting review is rather positive.

Since the last entry, I’ve done a couple showings here and there of the film, but I was especially pleased to have a showing at Google, with none other than Don Woods and Marc Blank in the audience. I’d brought Don out for the GET LAMP premiere at PAX East, but I’d not seen Marc since our interview – and he looks great!

As with my previous work, the idea for these films is to provide something that wasn’t there before, and be a delight for people who remember a subject or are curious about it, and get all the information and backstory they could want. It’s doing that, and I’m happy to be part of the tech documentary landscape.

As I write this, a huge batch is going out, all over the world (well over half of the GET LAMP copies go outside of the US), and I hope to make a lot more people happy about this film in months to come.

Thanks for checking up!

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  1. 1 Howard Flathead said at 11:00 am on March 15th, 2017:

    Today, 15 March 2017, I apparently bought the last new copy of Get Lamp from Amazon. When I looked it up, it said there was only one copy left. After my one-click purchase, the page lists only used copies. I would say that I can’t wait to watch it, but since I saw the review on Ars Technica on 29 September 2010 and waited this long to buy it…

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