Full Bedquilt Footage Now Online

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From the description of this new collection:

As part of the production of GET LAMP, Jason Scott arranged a day of filming in the Bedquilt section of Mammoth Cave, Kentucky, which had been the inspiration for the computer game Adventure by Will Crowther and Don Woods. Negotiations took roughly one year and involved both the CRF (Cave Research Foundation), a non-profit organization associated with cave exportation, and the National Park Service (NPS), which oversees the administration of care of the Mammoth Cave park. Requirements to film inside the cave system for a for-profit enterprise included: million-dollar insurance for the expedition, a fee for a park service employee to accompany, no revealing of the location of the Bedquilt system, and to release the footage to the public.

This footage was recorded over roughly 8 hours in Fall of 2007 and was ultimately used both in GET LAMP and a smaller documentary episode on the experience of caving. This includes everything shot, as well as a small additional sequence recorded at a party earlier in the year with a user of Adventure from the 1970s.

The expedition included Jason Scott, Dave West, Peter Bosted, Bruce Hatcher. Travel included both a walk past the original starting location of Adventure, the location of the two-inch slit, and then into the Bedquilt system itself, covering roughly 10 locations from the game (including the Hall of the Mountain King, Y2, and the Bird room). Filming was done using a Canon HV20 HD recorder, both on and off tripods, and lit with both LED lighting kits and caver’s lights.

Most of the footage has Jason discussing filming plans and the intended scope of the GET LAMP movie with the expedition, including a spoiler of a few IF games. (The footage is generally more useful without the soundtrack.) This footage is dedicated to the public domain and may be used for any purpose.

The footage is located here.