JET LAMP at Noisebridge in San Francisco, Sept. 17

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The next big stop in the JET LAMP tour (after I go back to my home to fill orders and get a bunch of packages into the mail) will be a showing in San Francisco on the 17th at the Noisebridge space. Noisebridge could be called a “Hacker Space” but it has a wide variety of events and happenings that transcend just technology. They’ve gone through a bunch of iterations in the years they’ve been active and I’ve been there at various points, and things have gone along swimmingly for them.

The showing will be at 8pm – if some forward-thinking company or group in the SF Bay area wants me for a noontime showing, I’m available for that, having arrived the previous night. However, Saturday and Sunday are out – attending a wedding of an old friend in a very distant town in California, accompanied by many other old friends.

And after that.. the Los Angeles area, that Monday!

Salt Lake City: Huge Success. Next: San Francisco

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Do I need to say more about Salt Lake City’s showing tonight than this?

Well, yes, I have to thank Mike Rubin for putting together an amazing event and venue, and getting the word out to a great audience who showed up. And I only cursed during the Q&A once!

People were into the showing, and this marks the first time anything I’ve made has ended up on a movie marquee, or that I’ve had my film shown by itself as an event. A lot of firsts, this evening!

My next big date is in San Francisco, with what’s possibly two showings on Friday the 17th. Clear your calendar, Bay Area!

JET LAMP: Detroit and Washington DC showings, Skype Q&A, September 11

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The Portland show was absolutely fantastic. I will write a more informative and complete entry about it shortly.  Here’s a salient photo, courtesy of Andrew Stern:

But now dates are compressing and coming up very fast, and final details are snapping into place very quickly, and one of the side effects is a few dates are happening very soon and I wanted you to be aware of them.

Tomorrow, September 11th, two hacker spaces in two different cities will be showing GET LAMP and then having me skype in with a Q&A afterwards.

One is in Detroit, Michigan, at a space called i3 Detroit. Here’s the page with information about it.

The other is Washington, DC, at a space called HacDC. Here’s the page with information about it.

For my own bit, I’ll be skyping in from Salt Lake City, where I have a showing on Sunday Night at 7:30, at Brewvies, a cinema pub.

As always, the good stuff is on the JET LAMP page.

JET LAMP Promotional Artwork Set

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For the people who are working so hard to bring me to their places to show GET LAMP and talk for JET LAMP, so I’ve created a Flickr Set of GET LAMP/JET LAMP promotional artwork. Use freely as needed.


Some Quick Updates

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In front of the cameras for once

Here’s some scattershot updates related to GET LAMP.

The photo, by the way, is me being interviewed for another technical documentary, Viva Amiga, that will be covering the history of Commodore’s amazing computer.  Obviously I know more about the Amiga than I do about the proper color socks to wear.

If you ordered a copy of GET LAMP before August 30th, you should really have it or are about to have it. Out of the many hundreds of orders, I’d say only 14 are in some sort of quantum state (the address didn’t check out, changes were made during the time period that I have to reconcile, etc.). If you do not have it or did not get it, bring it to my attention at I don’t mind being e-mailed about ensuring everyone who bought a copy gets a copy.

Adventurers’ Club copies are more than halfway done, as are free interviewee copies. I am trying to have all of them done before the JET LAMP tour really starts taking off.  A bunch of dates are about to be added; I really think I need to learn how to sleep on planes.

Orders are continually coming in. Thanks, everyone!

JET LAMP: Salt Lake City, September 12th

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The JET LAMP tour stops by on September 12th at the Brewvies Cinema Pub in Salt Lake City.

It’s a 160 seat theater that’s one of those cool independents I can never get enough of.  The showing will be at some point later in the day, keep tuned to the JET LAMP info page for the final time information and updates.

JET LAMP: Seattle and Portland

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The JET LAMP tour starts off at the undisputed king of computer gamer conventions, PAX Prime in Seattle, Washington from September 3rd-5th.  After the excellent premiere and experience of GET LAMP at PAX East in March, I knew I wanted to have some presence at the west coast, original PAX.  Unfortunately, I missed the deadline for submitting panels (I was too busy finishing the film) and so there’s no within-the-convention-center panel/screening at the event. But fear not! Besides walking around with copies and my lamp, I’ll be hanging out at the Interactive Fiction Suite.  Just like the PAX East version, this will be a suite in a nearby hotel (in this case, the Sheraton, where some PAX events are happening as well). The planned screening is at 8pm on Saturday, a cozy showing with Q&A.

In Portland, Oregon, I’ll be at the incredible Backspace Cafe on September 9th, as a special feature of the Portland Commodore User’s Group. They really went all out finding me a place – it’s beautiful.  And even more fun, the venue is right next to the world-famous Ground Kontrol classic arcade.  The venue holds a couple hundred people, so don’t hesitate to get the word out.

I’ll be bringing copies of GET LAMP to both events (and all the rest of the events, too).

The JET LAMP page will be filling up rather quickly in the next week or so. Watch for changes or announcements here.

Let’s get this tour started!

Hello Coin 2000

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I didn’t expect to have coin 2000 show up so soon.  But sals have been brisk, there were an awful lot of pre-orders, and before I knew it, coin 1999 went out the door.

Luckily, when it was looking pretty much like coin 2000 was going to come and go, I called up the Monterey Company and ordered another 1000 coins, a considerable expense, but a required one. GET LAMPs come with coins.  They were able to move as quickly as possible, and minted them out before I began the JET LAMP tour later this week.

I BELIEVE this will hold me for the rest of the year, but no complaints if I’m proven wrong.  I expect that very soon the delay between ordering a GET LAMP copy and it going out the door will be a matter of hours.

Bye, coin 2000!

The Catching Up Never Ends

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1282853839095 Laura the Happy Mail Lady Kurt the Happy Mailman

The last week or so has been pretty much nothing but packaging boxes and catching up on the enormous number of backorders that had built up. I was caught up to orders made on August 3rd, but had a bunch more to go to catch up to August 18th, which is where I am now. So that’s pretty much all orders made in the last year for GET LAMP. (There’s about 10-12 orders that still need some fixing up today, but that’s all that’s left of them). This translated to something like 300 packages, international and domestic, of GET LAMP.

If this isn’t success, I don’t know what is.  Functioning as your own distributor (and tour booking agent) may not work for everyone, but it sure as heck works for me.  Over 1700 copies of this movie have gone out the door, with a bunch more waiting on a Monday shipment of more collector coins before also going out the door.

At some point, the rumor started that the collector coins are only for pre-orders – not true. Lower numbered coins are only for pre-orders, obviously, because they ordered first. But every sold copy goes out with a coin. I had to order further coins because I was struck with such a wave of orders, even my calling my friends at Monterey Coins as soon as I could afford the next batch has meant this 2-3 day gap. (They’ve worked really hard to get the batch to me as fast as possible, too, so bully for them.)

To keep perspective here, GET LAMP has sold more copies since it went up for sale in December (so 9 months, roughly) than my previous film, BBS, sold in two years. Wow!

I’m seeing lots of happy folks in twitter feeds, on weblogs, in message bases, and in e-mail to me. That’s a great feeling.

Back to the labelmaker!

Tony Longworth

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Tony Longworth provides the first music you hear in the main GET LAMP episode; his full and rich chords were just the opening I was looking for.

His music is dark and intense, and is a different feeling from Zoe Blade’s airy ambiance. It was a really nice counterpoint to what she was providing.

After I contacted Tony, he let me have the full run of his solo works and works of his band, Flesh Resonance.  From this, I found a number of pieces that play critical roles in various episodes. In both the one-hour PAX mix and the various interactive branches, you hear his music in the opening and closing. And for a sequence which I made about the whole commercial era becoming what seemed to be an unstoppable juggernaut, I mixed a couple of his works together, and made this markedly unforgettable collage. He’s been enormously supportive of the whole project for a very long time.

Now, Tony has been inspired by Zoe’s releasing of her music under CC and released an EP of music under the same terms.

Entitled, “The Mind Electric: A Selection of Music from GET LAMP”, Tony’s compiled the half-dozen tracks I used and creative commons licensed them.  Check it out, and also check out the rest of his work – I only used a tiny sliver of many great albums of dark, foreboding music and intense soundscapes from his collection.