Maryland All Next Week: The Big Swing for JET LAMP

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The final leg of JET LAMP is next week. I’ve got three showings in 4 days.

Now, I’m not saying that there will be no more showings of GET LAMP in places, with me attending. That will happen. But they will be few and far between and at some point it’s just not really a tour anymore, it’s just a screening. So I’m calling the JET LAMP project a closed success after next week.

So here we go:

November 7 (Sunday), 7PM: Maryland Fencing Club, 3011 Emmorton Road, Abingdon MD 21009

So, why am I showing GET LAMP at a Fencing Club? Well, the founder/owner of the club is an ol’ college buddy, and he asked. Simple as that! All are welcome and maybe you might get inspired to enroll your kids in an awesome and healthy exercise.  Or enroll yourself!

November 8 (Monday), 7pm: University of Maryland, Ulrich Recital Hall (in Tawes Hall)

Check that spread out! I’ll be attending some various events related to MITH (Maryland Institute for the Humanities), giving talks, having meetings, hanging out – but the big show is this one, in this big and beautiful hall.  If you’re anywhere in the area, this is the one to show up to. It’s going to be a pretty amazing thing.

November 10 (Wednesday), 6pm: Ponte Technologies World Domination Center, 8231 Main St, Ellicott City MD 20143

Finally, Bruce Potter of Shmoo Group has brought me into Ponte to give a showing.  Here is their webpage about it. Free Pizza and Popcorn and Drinks!

Halloween with the Lurking Horror

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Sorry for the lateness in announcing this; it’s been a rather busy day packaging GET LAMPs. You people order a lot of GET LAMPS!

The Boston/Cambridge Interactive Fiction group is called The People’s Republic of Interactive Fiction, and they’ve been having regular meetings for over a year now. I’ve attended a few, and they’re always great.

But if you live in the New England area, and loved Infocom games, this is a pretty special event they’ve got going.

Tomorrow, Halloween, they will be playing The Lurking Horror, the Infocom horror game meant to exact a feeling of Lovecraftian suspense and mood.  It’ll be streamed over, so you can watch them play along.

After this, comes a tour of some of the locations at MIT that inspired the game… led by Dave Lebling, creator of The Lurking Horror.

Need I say more?

Go to their site to check out the details.

Trivia of the Day

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Even though the name of the film is GET LAMP, TAKE LAMP works as well.